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How Child Custody is Determined in California?

In California, the government has established the most important factor of child custody is that the children’s best interests are protected no matter what. Therefore, the judges who are presiding over custody cases will have to consider multiple aspects to ensure that this occurs.

To reach a conclusion upon the allotted time and role each parent will have with the children, judges will carefully consider whether each parent’s situation will best:

  • Secure the children/child’s safety, health, and physical, mental, and emotional welfare
  • Offer an opportunity for the children to continue having a strong relationship with both parents through frequent contact

It does not matter what a person’s sex is in the state of California, since the judge is primarily concerned that the child’s well-being is cared for. Thus, both parents have equal rights to become the primary custodial guardian, depending on the exact details of each situation.

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Child Custody Options

There are two primary types of custody in California. Legal custody means that a parent’s role involves deciding significant choices about the child’s welfare, education, health, and other aspects of their upbringing. Physical custody specifically refers to having the child be physically present in that parent’s home.

Judges often encourage joint physical custody and legal custody if possible, so that both parents can participate in raising their children. Sometimes parents’ careers, medical conditions, or financial circumstances will not allow this to take place, or the parents simply decide to divide custody in alternative ways. Your legal advisor can help you determine the safest and most conducive option for you and your family’s well-being.

Support in Challenging Circumstances

No part of a divorce process is comfortable, but certainly the most stressful aspect about it is when there are children involved and child custody must be organized. You may be able to get some of the assets and monetary value that you lost, but you will never be able to get back the precious time that was stolen from your opportunity to be with your children.

Not only can the process of determining child custody be incredibly painful and anxious, but it is also very complex, with many detailed and challenging components to file correctly. However, if you turn to your Santa Ana child custody lawyer, you can count on receiving dedicated legal counsel. Trust the Law Offices of Jason L. Johnson & Associates to represent your rights powerfully in court to make sure that you and your family are taken care of, now and in the future.

Because there is so much involved in arranging to dispute or balance the preferences of your ex-partner, it can be extra difficult to make sure your parental rights are heard. Fortunately, you can count on our compassionate and understanding Santa Ana child custody attorney to defend your rights tactfully and aggressively.

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